Cycling Group

Cycle tours in Japan. Recreational cycling - Road biking - Cross biking. A variety of bike trips in all parts of the JAPAN. Why not go cycling with us? We are a group of hobbies. I go to various places in Japan by bike.

Why not go cycling with us?

※An introduction by Google Translate.

We are a group in Osaka, whose hobby is bicycles.

It recruits such foreigners.
・Foreigners who like road bikes (cross bikes) and want to go cycling in Japan (Osaka, Kansai).
・A foreigner living in Japan (Osaka, Kansai) who likes cycling.
・Foreigners who want to go to Japan on a travel and make a bicycle trip with Japanese people.

One day trip or two or three day bike trip / adventure, let's go with us! Cycling is around Osaka, Kyoto, Nara. And it is all over Japan!

We are a bicycle club that enjoys bike trips from Osaka. It is called Bike Trip Club From KANSAI(Osaka) in Japan(Osaka Cycling Group).

There are 46 members. 24 men and 22 women. There are 4 foreign members. There are many beginners. About three years since the club was created. I went to all over Japan. Please see the website for details.

If you are thinking of cycling in Japan, why not go cycling with us?
I want you to know the good things in Japan, interact through cycling and want to be friends.

Trip with us on a bike, could you touch the scenery of Japan, delicious local produce, and the people of the area to get a richer trip.

We know the wonderful Japan's cycling route. Let's cycling together! It is OK to participate on the road bike or cross bike.

We are waiting for your application / question!

☆ Where I went in the past (main places) ☆
・Shimanami Kaido
・Asuka village in Nara
・Arashiyama of Kyoto etc
・Kushimoto-Shirahama-Minabe (Japan's No.1 plum forest)
・Hinase (Oyster) in Okayama Prefecture, Katatetsu Roman Highway,
・All parts of Osaka Prefecture.
・Watsuka in Kyoto (Matcha tea plantation)
・Koyasan (many Famous temple)
・Suzuka Circuit (event participation)
・Shodoshima island
・Matsusaka (eat the finest grilled meat in Japan)
・Ise (The most sacred place in Japan)
And many others.

☆ Guidance ・ Attention ☆

・Bicycle trip will be a day trip or several nights.

・The cycling distance is approximately 40-80 kilometers per day. There are a lot of things for beginners.

・The start time of the cycling. Please ask questions each time.

・Please tell me your plans for coming to Japan. Let's run together if the schedule and the day match!
Even if it does not fit the schedule, if you let us know the schedule in advance, you may be able to set the schedule for the day. In that case, please tell me where you want to go!

・We can introduce shops that rent bicycles. Alternatively, you may be able to rent for free within the club members. Please tell me your height.

・ Please contact us as we may not be able to ride in the rain if you do not fit your schedule. Let's eat the rice together for the purpose of information exchange!

・The bicycle trip will be from Osaka to Osaka.

・In Japan, you can put a bicycle on the train. We will prepare the necessary items here and we will assist you. Please rest assured.

・ Expenses are actual expenses. Please bear only your own expenses. It is a train fee, food expenses, accommodation expenses, etc.

・ We are not a business but a group of hobbies. There is no fee required.

・This is the first attempt to recruit foreigners. I think there are language barriers and cultural differences, but please run as a hobbies bike and make friends with us.

・ There are few people who can speak languages other than Japanese. However, I think that I can communicate as a friend with the same hobby (^ _ ^).

・ We will do our best to prevent accidents. If an accident should occur, we will respond as much as possible, but in the end please do it at your own risk. Please bring your insurance, contact details and ID card.

・If you have any questions, please ask.
Please use the e-mail address described on the website.

■ Manage by "LINE GROUP"
We will join the line group if it is good after we meet the manager and talk in some way or trial ride or drinking party.

Email is okay.

State when riding

  • Moist and beautiful Lake Yogo & Lake Biwa Ride
    It is a state of the team ride that enjoyed the moist and beautiful scenery of Lake Biwa. 3 minute video. Please have a look with BGM.
  • Downhill at Norikura Skyline
  • Sunset from Mt.Sekizen, Iwagi Island

Great places we have visited
Bike tours from Osaka

We have traveled all over Japan, not just around Osaka, from long slow rides to long rides with round trips, to trips for one or more nights. Detailed display with photo tap (click).

  • 2020.03.15(sun) | Cherry Blossoms and Uji with Singaporeans and Malaysians | Osaka Cycling Group

    Cherry Blossoms and Uji with Singaporeans and Malaysians


  • 2020.02.16(sun) | Late New Year Party & My Best Travel Ride Announced | Osaka Cycling Group

    Late New Year Party & My Best Travel Ride Announced


  • 2020.02.02(sun) | North Osaka and Osaka Bay with Dutch and Korean | Osaka Cycling Group

    North Osaka and Osaka Bay with Dutch and Korean


  • 2019.12.15(sun) | Oyster BBQ and Hinase Islands with an American | Osaka Cycling Group

    Oyster BBQ and Hinase Islands with an American


  • 2019.12.07(sat) | Soni Kogen and Peony Pot | Osaka Cycling Group

    Soni Kogen and Peony Pot


  • 2019.11.16(sat)-17(sun) | Sea of Japan crab 2019 | Osaka Cycling Group

    Sea of Japan crab 2019


  • 2019.11.10(sun) | Waterfall ride 2 | Osaka Cycling Group

    Waterfall ride 2


  • 2019.10.27(sun) | Ride to Katsuoji-temple | Osaka Cycling Group

    Ride to Katsuoji-temple


  • 2019.10.26(sat) | Go around Awaji Island | Osaka Cycling Group

    Go around Awaji Island


  • 2019.10.19(sat)-20(sun) | Go around the Miura Peninsula | Osaka Cycling Group

    Go around the Miura Peninsula


  • 2019.10.06(sun) | Long ride to Shigaraki and Wazuka | Osaka Cycling Group

    Long ride to Shigaraki and Wazuka


  • 2019.09.29(sun) | Ride a bike with an American | Osaka Cycling Group

    Ride a bike with an American


  • 2019.09.16(mon) | Osaka bay ride | Osaka Cycling Group

    Osaka bay ride


  • 2019.08.25(sun) | Waterfall ride | Osaka Cycling Group

    Waterfall ride


  • 2019.07.07(sun) | Ajisai in Katsuoji-temple & burger | Osaka Cycling Group

    Ajisai in Katsuoji-temple & burger


  • 2019.05.25(sat)-26(sun) | Snow wall in Norikura | Osaka Cycling Group

    Snow wall in Norikura


  • 2019.05.03(fri) | Kisyu Kada | Osaka Cycling Group

    Kisyu Kada


  • 2019.04.21(sun) | Asuka Village in Nara | Osaka Cycling Group

    Asuka Village in Nara


  • 2019.04.06(sat)-07(sun) | Shimanami Kaido in 2019 | Osaka Cycling Group

    Shimanami Kaido in 2019


  • 2019.03.24(sun) | Ishikawa CR | Osaka Cycling Group

    Ishikawa CR


  • 2019.03.09(sat) | Kisyu Kada | Osaka Cycling Group

    Kisyu Kada


  • 2019.03.03(sun) | Hinase & Katatetsu | Osaka Cycling Group

    Hinase & Katatetsu


  • 2019.02.23(sat)~24(sun) | Kushimoto Shirahama | Osaka Cycling Group

    Kushimoto Shirahama


  • 2019.02.17(sun) | Sweets Tour in Kobe | Osaka Cycling Group

    Sweets Tour in Kobe


  • 2019.01.26(sat) | Fujiyama Pudding in Koyo | Osaka Cycling Group

    Fujiyama Pudding in Koyo


  • 2019.01.13(sun) | Iga(Ninja city) | Osaka Cycling Group

    Iga(Ninja city)


  • 2018.12.16(sun) | ODEN in Hirakata | Osaka Cycling Group

    ODEN in Hirakata


  • 2018.12.01(sat) | Right angle slide | Osaka Cycling Group

    Right angle slide


  • 2018.11.18(sun) | Mattcha Lunch in Watsuka | Osaka Cycling Group

    Mattcha Lunch in Watsuka


  • 2018.11.10(sat) | Suzuka Circuit in 2018 | Osaka Cycling Group

    Suzuka Circuit in 2018


  • 2018.10.21(sun) | Bakery Tour in Kobe | Osaka Cycling Group

    Bakery Tour in Kobe


  • 2018.09.15(sat)~17(mon) | Izu-Oshima Island | Osaka Cycling Group

    Izu-Oshima Island


  • 2018.8.26(sun) | River play in Kyoto | Osaka Cycling Group

    River play in Kyoto


  • 2018.8.19(sun) | Road bike test ride | Osaka Cycling Group

    Road bike test ride


  • 2018.8.14(tue)~15(wed) | World Heritage in Koyasan | Osaka Cycling Group

    World Heritage in Koyasan


  • 2018.5.26(sat)~27(sun) | Road bike test ride | Osaka Cycling Group

    Road bike test ride


  • 2018.7.14(sat)~16(mon) | Shikoku Big Mountains | Osaka Cycling Group

    Shikoku Big Mountains


  • 2018.5.26(sat)~27(sun) | Ise & Atsumi Peninsula | Osaka Cycling Group

    Ise & Atsumi Peninsula


  • 2018.4.22(sun) | Obama & Mikata-Goko-Lake | Osaka Cycling Group

    Obama & Mikata-Goko-Lake


  • 2018.4.7(sat)~8(sun) | Shimanami Kaido in 2018 | Osaka Cycling Group

    Shimanami Kaido in 2018


  • 2018.3.10(sat)~11(sun) | Shodoshima Island & Katatestu | Osaka Cycling Group

    Shodoshima Island & Katatestu


  • 2018.2.22(sun) | Sweets Tour in Kobe | Osaka Cycling Group

    Sweets Tour in Kobe


  • 2018.2.11(sun)~12(mon) | Hinase & Ushimado & katatesu | Osaka Cycling Group

    Hinase & Ushimado & katatesu


  • 2017.12.17(sun) | Matsusaka Beef Grilled Meat | Osaka Cycling Group

    Matsusaka Beef Grilled Meat


  • 2017.11.26(sun) | Metasequoia in Makino | Osaka Cycling Group

    Metasequoia in Makino


  • 2017.11.25(sat) | Cute cafe in Minamikawachi | Osaka Cycling Group

    Cute cafe in Minamikawachi


  • 2017.11.23(thu) | Suzuka Circuit in 2017 | Osaka Cycling Group

    Suzuka Circuit in 2017


  • 2017.11.3(fri) | Arashiyama & Cafe | Osaka Cycling Group

    Arashiyama & Cafe


Future plans

One day trip, several nights of cycling

One day trip
  • 2019.11.24
    Panda crepe and Tamagawa Valley with colored leaves
    Dist.70km D+.958m
  • 2019.12.01
    Road bike test ride and ride
    Dist.30km D+.10m
  • 2019.12.07
    Okuko-chi Valley and Salmon pot
    Dist.69km D+.1014m
  • 2019.12.08
    Mountain ride practice in Hokusetsu
    Dist.60km D+.850m
  • 2019.12.15
    Ride to "Hinase" to eat oysters
    Dist.55km D+.1019m
  • 2020.01.26
    Kishu Toshogu and Wakanoura Ride
    Dist.66km D+.621m
  • 2020.03.08
    Plum forest in Ayabe and Harima Seaside Road
    Dist.64km D+.514m
Several nights
  • 2019.11.16-17
    Ride to Amanohashidate to eat crabs
    Dist.233km D+.1920m
  • 2020.02.22-24
    Kawazu Cherry Blossoms and Izu Peninsula and Onsen Ride
    Dist.179km D+.3101m
  • 2020.03.14-15
    Shirakawago of the remaining snow
    Dist.---km D+.----m
  • 2020.02.16
    Very late new year party



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